dissabte, 6 de desembre de 2008


1.-How did you feel before, while and after you presented?
Well, before my oral presentation, although I had study a lot, I was a little insecure, because this was the first time that I did this exercise. After, while I was in my presentation time, I was very nervous because, a lot of people was watching me. When I finished my oral presentation, I was very relaxed, I thought that I had done a good work.

2.-Describe your presentation in 30 words.
My friends and I, with aid of a power point, in which there was a photo that symbolized the racism of our society, we try to explain the causes and problems that are generates by the racism.

3.- Watch 2 of your friends' presentations and…
- Write 3 positive and 3 negative aspects of their presentations.
I think that Nicole spoke very clearly about her topic. On the other hand her friends had not studied a lot, because they read a lot their notes. Another girl was laughing a lot, I think that was to the nerves. I liked one of the PowerPoint of my friend.
- Write 3 positive and 3 negative aspects of your presentation.
The positive aspects of my presentation are that I didn’t was nervous and I expressed well my ideas for the class. I explained well the problem about the racism. On the other hand I read a little because in one moment I don’t remember the text, I think that I spoke very low and I didn’t a good gesticulation.

4.-What ideas can you apply to your next presentation? How can you improve it?
I would try to explain a little more the theme and would introduce more imagine in my power point. I also would try to gesticulate better. I can improve with more practice.

5.-What mark do you deserve?
I believe that I deserve a 6.5 or a 7, because I think that my friends and I we have realized a good work of team and individually. We have prepared together the PowerPoint and studied the text. I believe that this note is just by the time that we have dedicated to this work.